Clients engage with us for:

  • Sales Coaching for specific time intervals and goals that are focused on results first and then the reasons why or why not you don't get them!  (there is a reason we are fondly referred to as ruthlessly compassionate coaches)
  • Sales Consulting with an understanding for the real challenges Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs face every day and the processes to help them perform at the next level.
  • Referral Harvesting Workshops A 'Sales Kickoff' that actually produces referrals the day of the event. 
  • Keynote Speaking - Analytical and Inspirational presentations that provide simple and repeatable roadmaps to increased sales performance.
  • Sales Training Courses That Work- Innovative training (not academic drivel) on sales that combines lesson plans and coaching for Sales Leaders with embedded training on referrals that are predictable and profitable 

Still reading?!?  Here is the secret...clients hire us to make more money.