Believe it or not, below is exactly how we coach our clients at Garrison Sales Consulting.  You don't need a 'coach' to do this...seriously.  All a coach does is help you get somewhere you have the ability to get to.  Often, the sales coach makes that process quicker and more profitable, but, if you can't get there without the coach can get you there either.

Step 1 – Where Am I?

One thing I learned as a paratrooper in the U.S. Army was this:  After the parachute successfully better figure out, quickly, where you are and where you will land safely.

Sales Coaching is worthless if you and your coach (internal or external) don't have a baseline for your performance.  Understand your numbers and a coach can understand you.

Step 2 – Are you where you Need to be?

Before we get into your dreams...we need to make sure we are meeting quota.  What is the ongoing minimum performance that needs to be maintained and how consistently are you meeting that goal?  It takes energy to be great and if you are constantly stressed to maintain your current status...any extra energy needs to be focused on that.  Once you are easily maintaining your needs...its time for the good stuff!

Step 3 – Where do I Want to be?

This is the fun stuff, you know where you are, you are consistently hitting your goals and now its time to take it to the next level!  This is where you move the 'dream' into execution.  You schedule the activities necessary to make it through the pain (yes, like working out at the pain no gain) of pushing to a new level of performance and then you make that your new Need goal.

Step 4 – Why isn't it working?  

An old friend of mine called this Drama.  If you don't know where you got Drama.  No use setting goals if you don't know the data.  Plenty of Drama when you aren't meeting your needs and if you never get to work on where you want to be...that causes Drama too (often called burnout).

This is where the Sales Coach can be amazingly effective (if they focus on the numbers and force you to confront why You aren't hitting Your goals) for salespeople and sales leaders.