We work with High Performing Salespeople and Sales Organizations to accelerate the potential they already have within themselves and their business through professional coaching.  We are blunt, compassionate and completely focused on our clients success.

Our Coaching Practice Model:

1.      We will only commit to coaching sales professionals and sales organizations that we are prepared and willing to be accountable for producing referrals for in addition to our best coaching efforts.

2.     As a direct result of #1, we will only accept one coaching client within a given geographic area (their practice area) and will not coach with any competitor of theirs in their geographic area for the entire period of our coaching engagement with them/their practice.

3.     We will restrict my total number of clients, both individual and corporate, to a number that will allow us to dedicate the time and creativity necessary to fully implement our Referral Giving Plan for each and every one of them on a constant basis.

4.     Our pricing will reflect that we are both coaching and committed to referring our clients.

5.     Giving referrals takes more time and focus than getting referrals, and as that is the true definition of our referral culture, we accept these constraints on our coaching practice with joy.