Selling To Goldfish LIVE Launch

Here we go!

Selling to Goldfish: The Digital Community for Small Biz Owners and their Sales Teams is going Live! This Thursday from 10am EST (US) to 11am EST (US), or longer if necessary, we are going to be talking sales in todays crazy world and how to get predictable referrals.  Here is the link to your Facebook page:

And here is the link to our Private Facebook Group (where the magic happens):

Selling To Goldfish Private Group

Short introduction to our community and then its all up to you, the audience, to ask any question(s) you have about sales and referrals (or, business in general...if we don't know the answer we will find it out).

This absolutely free digital community (for now...) is the brainchild of Mike Garrison and Victor Clarke, two long time friends that realized that there wasn't a place on the web to conveniently get direct and practical sales information on the web for small business, especially when it comes to real referral strategies. This community will rise and fall based upon you all so come on like our page and join our private Facebook Group (search Selling to Goldfish...look for the fish logo above).

We will be hosting all kinds of trainings and group discussions weekly and, of course for members of the private Facebook group, we will be interacting daily with all of you.  Stay tuned for more announcements as we have assembled a great team of savvy business experts to present complimentary training on the issues that you need to know about today.

All the best,


PS - This doesn't mean I am stopping coaching, it just means that I feel driven to help more people and this community will allow me to give in the widest arc possible.