The Road to Success

Feeling a wee bit inspirational this afternoon so here goes some of my thoughts on success from my perspective.

In my past, lighter and stronger, I enjoyed hiking and climbing peaks. Never had amazing success, but, the greatest achievement I experienced was in the training for mountain climbing.  If you train to climb anything, you quickly discover that it is almost never true that the best way to get to the top is in a straight line.  You need to gradually work your way to the top, going up from side to side (switchbacks) and you will have a much higher chance of gaining the summit.

I believe that this same philosophy directly applies to sales success and improving performance in business.  There are times when you will experience rapid increases in performance as salespeople, but, they are very rare and hard to predict.  The great thing, in my case and many of my clients over the years, is that in pursuing success in a gradual, systematic and common sense approach almost always produces not only consistent results, but, leads to those spikes of high performance.

The other valuable insight about contrasting mountain climbing with selling is the absolute requirement of strategy and planning when looking to get to the top of a peak.  Only fools climb mountains without a plan and training.  Likewise, only those doomed to failure sell without planning, strategy and execution.

Everything is moving to the digitally aware sales world and social media/social selling is being promoted with wild abandon as the way of the future for sales professionals.  I believe they are right.  

Sales professionals need to start climbing that digital mountain, but, we need to create our plan to the summit, assemble the right tools for the peak WE want to climb and then start training for the journey.  A great place to start training would be one of the following books that helped me get started 'climbing to sales success' in this digital world:

Tim Hughes masterpiece:

Tom Martin's awesome book about community in the digital age:

I am absolutely confident that after reading those two books you will not only know HOW to train for the will also have selected which one is the right peak for you.

All the best,