My Social Selling Journey and Initial Strategy

A year ago I realized that Social Media was a marketing tool that many were powerfully advocating for, but, I was a denier/hater.  A year later, I am a tireless advocate for Social Selling and use Social Media multiple times per day within an integrated Sales Strategy.

How did I go from realizing it was important to having Social Media use through Social Selling becoming a core strategy in my marketing plan?  The simple answer is I read a lot...a real lot!  My journey started with a book 'The Invisible Sale' by Tom Martin.  Within 10 minutes of starting on that book I knew I was wrong and that I needed to figure out how to 'get into' Social Media.

The challenge was massive:  How to learn, implement and prosper in this brand new world without wasting HUGE amounts of time and money?!?  There were, seemingly, a million different things to do and I had no real idea which or what to start with.  So guess what I did?  Research.

If there was anything I knew from 20+ years of outside sales experience it was this:  Research rules the roost (if you act upon it).  So, I kept reading and talking to those that were farther along the path.  As time went by, I got more and more comfortable how I fit into this new world, but, I couldn't pull the trigger.

Enter  I read one post from Tim on LinkedIN and immediately knew how to move forward.  The problem I was having was that I kept focusing on Social Media and didn't have an overall paradigm for selling that used it.  Trying to master Social Media is like wanting to buy every carpenters tool without knowing how to build a single thing.  

What good are tools if you don't have a strategy?  Social Media took off for me when I learned about Social Selling.  Now that I understood the overall change in buyer behavior and how through Social Selling I could interact with the 'new' buyer better...I was ready to act.

I am on my way with a simple strategy:  Find out more information about the future of sales for micro and small business and get that content into their hands.  As a Sales Consultant, my whole focus is on helping those customers increase and maintain their sales (after all...that is how they can afford me).  

What is your first step toward clarity and sanity when it comes to Social Media use:  Get on twitter, do a search for #socialselling and start reading.  I haven't found a more valuable resource for research than Twitter in my entire career.  Read, read more and make sure you follow will change everything.

If that doesn't make sense, message me or hit me up on twitter @mikegroanoke...I will be honored to assist.