Mike Garrison

Relationships are everything to me, both personally and professionally.  I have spent the entirety of my career in helping salespeople and sales organizations develop and implement strategic referral marketing plans and then coaching the producers to success.  As I have learned more about how the customer buying experience has changes as a result of technology I have become convinced that sales coaching with a heavy dose of referral expertise is sorely needed.

Sales, in this digitally driven world (reading this on a smartphone?!?)  puts a premium on personal branding and, at its core, says that the individual salesperson is of tremendous value.  Personal branding and the importance of personal relationships is what I believe in.  Referral marketing, especially strategic and predictable, is all about WHO the salesperson is and WHAT they bring 'extra' to the sales process.

Today, the reality of the change in the buying process of consumers, both B2B and B2C, is here to stay.  The customer is not only right...they are in charge of why, what and who they buy from and every salesperson and sales results focused corporation better wake up and smell the coffee.

The big challenge, as I see it in the individual salesperson and micro/small business place is that many of us know we need to adapt our selling process and our coaching systems, but, we cannot see a way to be able to implement it and be able to afford the change.  By integrating sales coaching at the Sales Leader level (Sales Manager and/or Owner) and vast expertise in crafting strategic referral marketing plans that small business can afford I provide the bridge to the future...today.

For sales coaching that isn't filled with fluff, high energy and dynamic speaking engagements, digitally integrated sales consulting, general and fun advice please email me at mikegroanoke@gmail.com or hit me up on Twitter @mikegroanoke.